UPDATE: Large-scale CenturyLink internet service outage for Twin Cities customers restored

The large-scale CenturyLink internet outage that has affected the Twin Cities and surrounding areas has been restored.

According to CenturyLink, the company was able to get all the IP outage for CenturyLink’s internet services to be restored Sunday morning.

A large-scale outage had affected CenturyLink internet services in the Twin Cities metro and surrounding areas.

DownDetector.com reported numerous CenturyLink outages in cities across the country, including Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver and other East Coast metropolitan areas. Shortly after 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, CenturyLink made a statement on Twitter, saying "Our technicians are working to resolve an IP outage. Ensuring the reliability of our services is our top priority. We will provide regular updates on our progress."

KSTP.com is one of the Twin Cities-area websites affected, causing the site to be unavailable for some users. While the technical issues are occurring, KSTP.com will continue to report news updates via its mobile app and social media platforms.