State leaders and local organizations push to help narrow the academic achievement gap

Tuesday, Governor Tim Walz toured Lake Middle School in Woodbury, meeting with students and teachers to discuss ways to improve education across the state.

The governor was vague on a plan of attack, but said the state should take on more of the funding burden.

“One of my concerns is how do we have that qualified workforce in the future? How do we stabilize education funding?” he said.

Meanwhile, The Boys and Girls Club of Central Minnesota is launching a pilot program to helps students who may need the extra help. The initiative includes a program called “Edmentum,” which is a digital curriculum for reading and math. Right now about 60 kids are enrolled in the pilot program at four different locations.

Christine Kustelski with The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota says the program has been popular because it’s fun and plays like a video game.

“If we can get them to use their minds after school to reinforce what they are learning in the classroom, they are going to be a lot more focused and willing to do the work,” she said.

If the program is successful, it will be expanded throughout the state.