So Minnesota: Neumann’s Bar & Grill, known as oldest bar in state

There are several taverns across Minnesota, but one’s claim to fame is being the oldest bar in the state.

Neumann’s Bar and Grill in North Saint Paul opened in 1887 and bills itself as the oldest continuously operating bar in the state.

Jim Neuman’s father started the bar and it opened as a tavern that sold only Hamm’s Beer brought the bar from the Saint Paul factory on horse and buggy.

Over the years the bar has survived two World Wars and prohibition.

Mike Brown has owned the bar for the past 15 years.

"I try everyday to do my best and that’s what you should do in life," Brown said. "I love that you can have this history. Come and look at the pictures. See all the people that have been here over the years."

The bar has two bullfrogs that live in a tank by the front window.