Neighbors watching over the community after rioting, looting and fires

Since the destruction first started after George Floyd's death, people in neighborhoods across the metro have been looking out for one another.

They're coming together to watch over their community and take back their streets.

"I really love my neighborhood," neighbor Tony Ascanio said. "This is our community and we want it to be safe." 

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On East Lake Street neighbors are helping guard businesses overnight including Longfellow Market.

"There's 20 neighborhood people standing in front of my door with guns, bats and crowbars protecting the store,"  Longfellow Market manager Terry Mahowald said. "I can't thank them enough. They are putting their lives to protect our store. Like I say, there's no words that can express how we feel towards them."

 Neighbors are also keeping an eye on their blocks by walking and driving around at night.