Mother explains how shooting of her 12-year-old son during apparent road rage changed everything

A 12-year-old boy is out of the hospital and on the mend at his Minneapolis home after being shot Monday evening during what police say was an apparent case of road rage.

Because Caleb, whose family asked he only be identified by first name, is afraid to venture outside after the indiscriminate gunfire, his mom, LaShonda Anderson, agreed to tell her son’s story. She believes it matters so people can see the damage, realize how shooting a child changes everything and what it takes to recuperate.

Anderson displayed an X-ray from North Memorial Hospital which showed a bulge on the 12-year-old’s abdomen.

"The bullet in his arm and through his body to the side," she said. "It didn’t come out it got stuck right in his side."

The round that dug into Caleb also hurt everyone close to him.

Minneapolis police said Caleb was riding in a suburban with his dad and other family members when shots rang out at 49th and Humboldt avenues north around 6 p.m. Monday

"They were coming from the Dairy Queen getting ice cream, and they were being tailgates," Anderson said. "I guess dad pulled over on the side of the road and the stranger started shooting."

Anderson said at the hospital, her son didn’t remember what happened.

"He had no clue," she said. "He, like, literally just realized there was blood coming from his side, and he didn’t even cry … there was no internal damage at all. It must’ve been a God thing."

Doctors removed the metal invader, turned it over to police for evidence and stitched his wound. Caleb spent one night in the hospital and was released on Tuesday. For the rest of his life, scars will look back at him from the mirror.

Anderson said she didn’t believe in random shootings until now.

"I’m always like, ‘There had to be somebody involved in the situation,’ but it was definitely random — a stranger."

Since the first of the year, police said 16 kids have been unintended targets of gun crimes. That includes Caleb and a teenager shot Thursday evening. Officers are investigating Caleb’s case and said no arrest has been made.

Caleb’s mom had a request for the shooter.

"I know you are somebody’s son, brother, cousin… My son has been hurt, and I’m asking for you to turn yourself in, that’s it, that easy," Anderson said. "I don’t want anybody to hurt you. I’m not even mad. I don’t want retaliation — I just want you to do your time. Your life is not over. Go do the time and give yourself a second chance, why not?"

Anderson ended by saying the entire family is concentrated on healing Caleb’s body and everyone’s minds. A GoFundMe has been created to help support Caleb’s medical fund.