Minnesotans typewrite messages of hope for Ukraine

Messages of love, hope, and encouragement have been created by Minnesotans for the people of Ukraine in a unique way.

While hundreds gathered Sunday at the state Capitol, a “Typewriter Corps” connected with more than 20 people to type their messages for Ukrainians.

“Typewriters are just a thing of beauty,” said Katie Fetterly, with Typewriter Alliance and the Typewriter Corps.

Alongside fellow typewriting enthusiast Charlie Maguire, the two drafted messages on portable typewriters that will hopefully make it to Ukrainians.

A supporter holds a message of solidarity for Ukrainians during a rally Sunday, March 6, 2022, outside the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul. (Courtesy of Charlie Maguire)
Charlie Magurie, left, and Katie Fetterly, right, stand with their typewriters and messages for Ukrainians outside the Minnesota State Capitol at a rally for Ukraine on Sunday, March 6, 2022. (Courtesy of Katie Fetterly)

“I heard from an 11-year-old boy, and he said, ‘I came to a rally to support you today. Stay strong,’” Fetterly said about one of the messages.

“I’d say the most common thing they said was ‘stay strong, keep holding on, push through, we are always praying for you, we are praying for your strength, and God loves Ukrainian people,’” Fetterly added about the messages.

Maguire said a message from a 9-year-old boy struck a chord with him.

“He says, and this is 9 years old, ‘Hope for peace. Stay strong.’ And this one’s really a great one: ‘Don’t stop hoping that there will be peace,’” Maguire said about the young boy’s message.

The two plan to connect with local Ukrainian churches and organizations that plan to send care packages to Ukraine and surrounding countries to get their messages to those in need.

Katie Fetterly types a message on her typewriter during a rally for Ukraine on Sunday, March 6, 2022, outside the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul. (Courtesy of Katie Fetterly)