Minnesotans ready to travel as summer approaches

It might not feel like summer will be here soon, but that isn’t stopping thousands of Minnesotans from making their summer travel plans.

A recent Explore Minnesota survey showed that 89% of travelers intend to hit the road this summer season, with 57% adding fairs, festivals and events to their vacation plans.

The survey is great news for Prior Lake Rotary’s Lakefront Music Fest. The annual festival brings in 35,000 people from around the state and region.

“It’s fun sometimes that you’ll talk to someone who is here early and they’re coming from northern Minnesota or Iowa, South Dakota or wherever it is, Canada, people want to come to this,” Kyle Haugen, with the Prior Lake Rotary Lakefront Music Fest said. “It just keeps growing. It keeps getting better so we can continue to do more.”

The two headliners at Lakefront Music Fest this summer are Toby Keith and Sammy Hagar.