Minnesota ranked 4th best state to live off the grid

Ever want to get away from it all? Live off the land, drink rainwater, and read by candlelight?

A new report by the lawn care company LawnStarter ranked Minnesota as the 4th best state to live off the grid.

The company compared the 50 states based on 23 key factors, such as the cost of farmland, legality of self-generated utilities, and availability of renewable energy. They also considered indicators like climate, phone connectivity, and access to rural hospitals.

For six years Sarah Lyons lived off the grid with her family in Sandstone, Minnesota. Lyons wasn’t surprised that Minnesota ranked high in the report.

“It’s kind of cool actually, that kind of matches what our experience has been,” Lyons said. “The first year we lived without running water or electricity. We had an outhouse that was on the property.”

Iowa ranked as the best state to live off the grid and New Jersey ranked last.

Click here to read the report.