Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to use new technology to clean water in the east metro

Tablyn Park in Lake Elmo is the first place the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will test new technology that’s designed to remove and destroy harmful chemicals, also known as PFAS, from contaminated water.

Lake Elmo was selected as a test site since more than 170,000 residents were impacted by contamination.  The project is being funded by 3M settlement money.

The system features a technology called “Surface Active Foam Refraction” that creates a foam that traps the harmful chemicals and makes them easier to remove.  After that, they are able to destroy the chemicals and return the water to the environment.

“It’s aimed at getting surface water that’s cleaner and drinking water that’s cleaner. These are all our natural resources, we want to protect and restore them to their natural pristine state,” said Rebecca Higgins with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

There are already systems in place to make sure the water is safe in the metro, but it’s hoped this will be a better way. The pilot study will last about two years.