Minneapolis teen taking part in COVID-19 vaccine trial

COVID-19 vaccines for teens and kids are still being studied for safety and efficacy. Moderna is conducting a clinical trial involving teens in Minneapolis.

Charlie Schmit, 14, is one of those patients hoping to help the cause.

"I’m excited for all of this to finally be behind us," Schmit said.

"I feel accomplished that I’m doing something to help out other people. There’s people that need this vaccine," he said.

The Minneapolis teen is participating in Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial for kids ages 12 to 17. He just got his first shot last week and his second one is scheduled for March 2.

Testing continues for child COVID Vaccines: Fauci says late spring or summer authorization is possible

"It’s going to be kind of cool to tell my kids I was part of this. I helped make sure a vaccine got developed and helped save the world in a small way. It’s being part of history," he said.

Federal health officials have said that kids could possibly be vaccinated as early as spring or summer.