Minneapolis city council to consider bringing in additional law enforcement support to assist MPD

Tuesday, Minneapolis City Council members are expected to discuss a plan to bring in reinforcements to help Minneapolis police address a recent increase in violent crime.

City leaders will consider whether to bring in the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and Metro Transit police to help.

City documents say the Minneapolis Police Department is facing multiple challenges meeting the needs of the city alone.

According to Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo, violent crime is up more than 20 percent citywide compared with this time last year, and up 40 percent compared with two years ago.

This comes as the police department is facing staff shortages and possible budget cuts.

At last check, 175 police officers have taken disability leave, for both physical and mental health reasons, since civil unrest in May.

Additionally, the attorney representing those officers say the force could lose up to 100 more officers.

Plus, the department is also facing $12 million in proposed cuts.

The city has worked with the sheriff’s office in prior years, having deputies help prevent and respond to shootings downtown.