Lino Lakes family raising hope and money in fight against rare genetic disorder

A Lino Lakes family is hoping to raise hope and money in the battle against a rare genetic neurological disorder.

A few years ago, 12-year-old Alana Kohler was diagnosed with CMT4A, which causes damage to nerves and muscles.

The odds of having the disorder are one in a million. Most people with the disorder end up in a wheelchair by the age of 30.

"There’s so many hard things you go through that changes your perspective on life and different ways to keep your hopes up," Kohler said.

Now, the family is trying to raise hope and money in the battle against the disorder by starting a gene therapy research fund.

"My hopes and dreams are that the research and the treatment are done sooner rather than later," Alana’s father, Luke Kohler, said. "It stops the progression of the disease and she’s able to live exactly like everybody else."

Click here if you would donate to the family fund.