How to talk to your children about an upcoming school year that may be unlike any other

KSTP sat down with Pediatrician Anna Milz to discuss what may be a new academic norm and how to approach it with kids.

"There’s a lot we can do to make them feel more comfortable," Milz said. She said to start with the basics, "Really making sure that they’re washing their hands well to keep germs away. Making sure they’re covering their face with a mask and have a mask that can cover their nose and their mouth."

She talked about the importance of practicing with kids before the school year begins, "Kids are really good about things once they are able to practice and get a sense of what if feels like, what it looks like. Sometimes you need to try a few different masks to find one that is more comfortable for them, and fits them appropriately."

Maybe most importantly though, Milz says is reassuring kids that things will be okay, "Encourage our kids that it’s going to be okay, and we’re going to do all of these things to help do everything we can to keep you healthy and keep others healthy."