Home of Minneapolis City Council president vandalized

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The Minneapolis Police Department told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS there is an incident report filed concerning an act of vandalism that occurred at the home of Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender last week.

Bender declined an interview request from KSTP.

According to police, vandals spread construction cones across Bender’s front yard. A spray-painted wood board was also cemented to her front porch, which read, “Our streets …abolish MPD …fund community.”

Three Minneapolis City Council members, Andrea Jenkins, Alondra Cano and Phillipe Cunningham recently received threats that prompted safety concerns, and the city paid for private security companies to provide extra protection.

Minneapolis spending $4,500 a day on security for city council members

Jenkins told KSTP there have been protests outside the homes of several city council members in recent weeks. After the vandalism at Bender’s home, she said she has never seen this type of vitriol aimed at the city council during her 16 years of work at city hall.

“No, I have not seen any council member be concerned about their own personal safety, or the safety of their families,” Jenkins said. “And I think a lot of council members are feeling that right now.”

Jenkins said she received disturbing threats which prompted the city to ask her if she wanted extra security, and that is when she agreed to the hiring of the private security firm.

“I do not feel as safe in my home as I did just three months ago,” Jenkins.

Jenkins said, in her opinion, the stress of COVID-19, the death of George Floyd and debate over the issue of defunding police have created a confluence of anger toward government she has never personally seen before. She added she would like city hall security beefed up.

“Minneapolis City Hall is one of the only governmental buildings in downtown Minneapolis that does not have a security protocol,” Jenkins said. “I mean, anyone can walk into our building at any time.”