Here’s how to keep reactions to a minimum as allergy season picks up in Minnesota

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Allergy season is springing into action early, and health experts say it’s getting longer.

Spring allergens often sneak up on people. For some Minnesotans, allergy medication is the only option for relief.

The demand at the Allergy and Asthma Center of Minnesota is growing as the pollen count picks up.

Dr. Doug McMahon, allergy and asthma specialist, recommends patients take an allergy test to see what’s triggering a reaction.

“It’s always a good idea to actually find out if you really do have allergies because some people kind of start to say, ‘Is this a cold or just the particles in the air?'” McMahon said. “As the snow melts, we see the mold that people are allergic to, and also, the trees are starting to bud already even though it’s cold.”

If you’re battling allergy season, McMahon says getting ahead of it will get you through it.

“Once the allergies are really in high levels and your symptoms are really bad, it’s harder to catch up,” he said. “It’s easier to kind of get ahead of the game by starting to take some of your medications that you’ve maybe tried before that have worked.”

McMahon also recommends a one-time steroid shot that can help with allergies. He added allergy drops under the tongue can help build immunity.