Heat advisory, excessive heat watch in place Tuesday

Minnesotans have been dealing with a hot summer for a while now and this week appears to continue the trend.

A heat advisory takes effect Tuesday afternoon, followed by an excessive heat watch.

Those alerts are something doctors are warning about.

Doctors say it’s possible to get heatstroke in as little as 20 to 30 minutes so they advise being aware of the situation when Minnesotans head outdoors.

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Heatstroke can affect the brain and a doctor 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS spoke with said sometimes it’s difficult to even realize the danger.

Dr. William Roberts said heatstroke happens when your body temperature rises to very high levels.

Not only can heatstroke affect the brain, but it can also affect the heart, kidney, liver and even muscles.

Symptoms can include anything from a headache to a loss of appetite and feeling sick.

Roberts said conditions this week are cause for concern. Those who have to be outside are advised to take breaks and drink plenty of water.

Cooling down at night is also essential. Roberts said even getting air conditioning below the 80 degree mark will help a lot.

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