Ham Lake company turning used shipping containers into backyard home offices

A Twin Cities business is thinking outside the box when it comes to working from home.

Latitude Studios in Ham Lake is turning used shipping containers into backyard home offices.

Owner Andy Berg is a former civil engineer and got the idea for the company after turning his backyard camper trailer into a remote office during the pandemic.

The containers can also be turned into a three-season porch or tiki bar, and you can add features like a spiral staircase.

"We’re also getting more creative and that’s been really fun," Berg said. "These are unique spaces; they are not just part of your house."

Jennifer Sargent of Golden Valley is buying a backyard home office.

"People are just fascinated by it, and I show them pictures, and they just think it’s the coolest thing," she said.

Prices for the backyard containers range from $10,000 to $25,000.