Federal eviction moratorium ending won’t impact Minnesota renters and landlords

The federal eviction moratorium put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic expires on Saturday, but that doesn’t mean that Minnesotans directly impacted by the virus will lose their homes.

"The news from Minnesota is we’re lucky," said Jennifer Ho, Minnesota’s housing commissioner.

That’s because Minnesota renters and landlords are on their own timeline.

"There are other places around the country that don’t have these extra protections and tomorrow is a scary day," Ho said.

Ho says because of legislative action taken last month, Minnesotans who are eligible and apply for rental assistance are protected from eviction for not paying rent because of the pandemic until June 2022.

"We’re all tired of the pandemic and tired by the way it’s impacted our lives. It’s not over yet but this is really important, this is an investment that is going to help people stay in their homes and help owners pay their bills," Ho said.

Until that June deadline, there are important dates that should be circled on your calendar.

Eric Hauge is the executive director of HOME Line, a tenant advocacy nonprofit. He said, since the gradual off-ramp was approved, they’ve seen a dramatic increase in calls on how these dates affect them.

"The details of that are sort of complicated," Hauge said.

For instance, one key deadline is Sept. 12. On that day, you could be evicted if you haven’t paid your rent and aren’t eligible for rental assistance. It’s that clarification that Hauge hopes to help clients with.

"We’re seeing an increase and we expect that to stay consistent for the next six months and potentially longer," Hauge said.

Over the course of the pandemic, more than $26 million has been distributed to help Minnesota renters and landlords.

"We really celebrated the eviction moratorium," Ben Helvick Anderson, director of public policy for Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, said.

The nonprofit sees first-hand the impact of not having stable housing and work to create opportunities for people. Helvick Anderson says knowing the state is continuing to be there for those in need is crucial.

"Everybody really needed a pause and it prevented a huge eviction crisis," Helvick Anderson said.

If you’re someone looking to apply for rental assistance, visit RenthelpMN.org or call 211.

For more information on HOME Line, click here.

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