Family of man shot by St. Paul police renews push for more video

The Minnesota Bureau of Apprehension is the lead investigative agency in the shooting death of 24-year-old Howard Johnson who was shot and killed by St. Paul Police five days ago in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood of St. Paul.

The BCA identified the officer involved in the shooting as Sgt. Cody Blanshan, a 10-year SPPD veteran.

Johnson’s mother, Monique, said she is not satisfied that the BCA has only released portions of the video which captured the shooting.

“I was not satisfied with the video that they showed me at the police department. It was bits and pieces and basically I feel like they showed me what they wanted me to see,” said Johnson. “It looked like it was edited. They tell me there was a carjacking. I have seen none of that footage on the news nowhere.”

Johnson said she and her family still have unanswered questions.

“So, where’s the dash cam? All cops are supposed to have their body cams and their dash cams. So, why didn’t this one particular cop not have his dash cam on?” said Johnson.

St. Paul Police Federation President, Mark Ross, told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he respects the Johnson family’s push to see more video.

“I understand why they want more information. However, that’s going to be up to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension,” said Ross.  “I think our department, I think they’ve made it clear, they’ve released what they’re willing to release at this point. The primary objective here is to get the investigation done correctly.”

Ross also said Officer Blanshan’s body cam video is as clear a depiction of what happened as he has ever seen in his 22 years as an officer.

“It’s clear, based on what we’ve seen on the video so far, that Sgt. Blanshan’s decision, courageous decision to use force at that moment, saved people’s lives and he had no other option,” said Ross.

The BCA has not indicated whether more video will be released and the investigation is expected to be finished sometime within the next three months.