Extra DWI Enforcement and Awareness Campaign to start Friday

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety announced on Thursday that the Minnesota DWI All-Star team will be joining law enforcement and traffic safety partners across Minnesota during the Extra DWI Enforcement and Awareness Campaign.

The campaign is set to start on Friday and will last through Sept. 7. The Minnesota Department of Safety Office of Traffic Safety (DPS-OTS) coordinates the campaign and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides the funding.

DPS-OTS recognizes 48 officers, troopers, deputies and prosecutors as the 13th DWI All-Star team.

According to DPS-OTS, the All-Stars made 3,170 combined DWI arrests across Minnesota in 2019, protecting people from drivers who choose to drive impaired.

"We’re so proud of the DWI All-Stars’ commitment to DWI enforcement and the priority that they place on saving lives and preventing serious injuries," said Mike Hanson, Office of Traffic Safety director. "The All-Stars’ work and the efforts of all of our law enforcement and traffic safety partners in Minnesota are helping change dangerous driving behaviors. We can’t enforce our way out of impaired driving. It’s up to each driver to make the choice to drive sober and drive smart."