Doctors hold ‘Stop the Bleed’ training sessions for medical students and the public

In the wake of mass shootings and other traumatic events, there’s a growing interest in learning how to stop severe bleeding.

MHealth Fairview doctors taught University of Minnesota medical students “Stop the Bleed” training on Wednesday.

“I think the value of this sort of training is to give as many people really simple instructions on how to deal with a potentially chaotic and life-threatening situation,” Dr. David Martin, MHealth Fairview doctor, said.

After a traumatic injury, doctors say every second counts.

“Stop the Bleed” is a national program that has already served millions across the United States. The course offers a step-by-step guide on what to do in case of an emergency such as a shooting, car accident or industrial accident.

Doctors explained you don’t need healthcare experience to learn the skills.

“This training is designed to be as simple and easy to remember is that so that you can have that in the back of your head if you’re confronted with this,” Dr. Martin said.

The “ABCs of Bleeding Control” drive the program.

‘A’ means alert 911, ‘B’ stands for find the bleeding and ‘C’ means compress the area by packing, applying pressure or using a tourniquet.

“If I’m on the roadway and I come across an accident, just being empowered to help in a little way to support the paramedics and to give somebody on the scene the best chance of survival,” Branson Palzer, U of M medical student, said.

Palzer is studying to be a doctor hoping to change the lives of many patients in the future.

“I’m pursuing medicine because especially with surgery, the impact you can have on someone’s life in the span of hours is incredible,” he said.

He encourages people of all ages and walks of life to get the training because it could possibly save a life.

“All you need is a gauze and whatever tourniquet you have and you can really make a difference,” Palzer said.

MHealth Fairview also holds “Stop the Bleed” classes for the public.

If a group or organization is interested in hosting a Stop the Bleed course, contact MHealth Fairview Trauma Services through SYSTEM-TRAUMA-SERVICES@FAIRVIEW.ORG.