Crook doesn’t ruin Christmas wish for man battling cancer thanks to stranger’s generosity

At the Haning house, clothes were being packed early Thursday morning in anticipation of their RV being delivered back to their Chanhassen home to start their trip.

Last month, someone stole the catalytic converter off their RV before they were planning to leave on a trip for Christmas in Arizona.

"My time is getting short for the opportunity need to get moving on that, get my bucket list in," said Rod Haning. "It was looking like we wouldn’t be able to make it by Christmas.

After 43 years of marriage, Haning and his wife, Judy decided to take a road trip together for their possible last Christmas together, as Rod has been battling pancreatic cancer for three years.

"It’s my last one probably, I moved into hospice care now," Haning said.

The family’s RV was dropped at their home with all the repairs taken care of for free by Apple Auto Group who learned of the family’s ordeal.

"Obviously having a hard time in life right now, being able to help a guy out like that, plus he’s a veteran, it makes us feel good," said Jim Caylor, a manager with the dealership.

The family’s struggle after being victimized by a crook touched Caylor who lost his father to cancer and just this week, a friend died from pancreatic cancer, he didn’t think twice about stepping up to help.

"Part of who we have to be, you’ve got to help out your neighbors, if you don’t it’s not a society I want to be in, if we don’t help people out," Caylor said.

"I’m very grateful they did, they didn’t know us,” said wife Judy Haning. “I’m extremely grateful they did."

The family planned to leave in the afternoon, loading up the RV for the trip west, for their possible last Christmas together, in a place they’ve never been before.

“It’s making a dream come true," Judy said.