Businesses along Lake Street rebuild, reopen after recent challenges

If you haven’t been to the Lake Street corridor in Minneapolis lately, then you would barely recognize it today.  The area has undergone a hard-fought transformation since the pandemic and the riots after George Floyd’s murder.

The Lake Street Council has given millions in small business grants to reboot the area and recently released a locally produced video highlighting the resilient people and places that make the neighborhood special. 

According to the Lake Street Council, an estimated 100 businesses have opened in the past 18 months; 15 of them have been Black-owned businesses.

“It’s been amazing to see the turnaround,” said Zach Wiesen, co-owner of Peer Pressure Fitness.

Wiesen is one of those new business owners. He says the future of the corridor is bustling and hopeful and hopes the rest of the metro will come and see for themselves.

“When you come here and you go business to business, door to door, it’s an amazing culture: diverse and loving. It’s a fresh feel,” he said.