At least 123 arrests made as protesters break curfew Monday night into Tuesday morning

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety reports authorities made at least 123 arrests around the Twin Cities Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Protesters were taken into custody for violating curfews.

Police also said a protester van was towed at the State Capitol. It was marked as a medic vehicle but contained milk containers, helmets and a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

57 people were arrested at the Minnesota State Capitol and 66 people were arrested in Minneapolis according to MnDPS.

The following updates took place Monday:

10:40 p.m.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety reported protesters were taken into custody Monday night for violating curfews.

The curfews were put in place after numerous days of protest and civil unrest following the death of George Floyd. 

According to a KSTP reporter at the scene, protesters were circled by members of the Minnesota State Patrol as arrests took place. 

The reporter said protesters continued to chant George Floyd's name and call for justice while the arrests were being made. 

Monday, demonstrators gathered at the Minnesota Governor's Residence to protest the death of George Floyd. 

"If you're angry and sad, you're supposed to be," one person told the group of demonstrators. "That shows your humanity." 

Some of those protesting at the Minnesota Governor's Residence then went to the capitol.

A KSTP reporter at the scene said members of the National Guard that were at the capitol went inside of the building, which was a request from protesters.