Best U.S States for an Unforgettable Vacation

Labor Day typically marks the unofficial end of summer, and a remarkable 148 million people in the United States pulled off one final trip over the long weekend.

That’s about 4 percent higher than summer, according to The Vacationer. It proves Americans still have the travel bug, even after the season of post-Covid revenge travel has settled. 

As the golden hues of summer fade into our rearview, an air of anticipation and excitement sweeps across the United States. The year promises even more to explore of the rich tapestry of experiences the diverse American landscape offers.

An in-depth study by  Scholaroo provides a reliable analysis of the best U.S. states to visit in summer based on 20 relevant metrics, including accommodation and transportation costs, weather, number of attractions, average menu prices, accessibility, and security. But, of course, most of these states are just as interesting and accommodating throughout the year.

Wyoming – Affordable Outdoor Paradise

Wyoming is a state teeming with affordable opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. While it may not offer the warmest weather, Wyoming compensates with its affordability and rich entertainment options.

Witness the awe-inspiring Old Faithful geyser, explore Yellowstone National Park, and bask in the natural wonders. Wyoming has it all for anyone seeking a budget-friendly escape without compromising on adventure.

Average Accommodation Cost: $167.95

Average Menu Price: $8.98

Hawaii – A Tropical Paradise Awaits

For an otherworldly tropical experience, Hawaii tops the charts. From its stunning national parks to its shimmering lakes and beaches, Hawaii provides various activities, including surfing, snorkeling, and hiking along breathtaking trails. 

Enjoy the vibrant Hawaiian culture, indulge in traditional music and hula dancing, and savor the local cuisine for a memorable vacation experience.

Average Accommodation Cost: $248.03

Average Menu Price: $13

Florida – Sunshine, Beaches, and Endless Adventure

No vacation list is complete without the Sunshine State – Florida. With its enticing beaches along the East and Gulf Coasts and iconic destinations like Disney World, Florida promises non-stop fun and adventure. 

Guests can also enjoy beachside lounging or snorkeling through coral reefs in Dry Tortugas National Park.

Average Accommodation Cost: $207.87

Average Menu Price $11.10

North Dakota – Unspoiled Beauty and Wildlife Galore

Discover the breathtaking natural beauty and picturesque landscapes of North Dakota. Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Badlands provide captivating vistas and the opportunity to spot fascinating wildlife. 

North Dakota offers the most budget-friendly accommodation costs, making it an attractive choice for summer retreats.

Average Accommodation Cost: $126.39

Average Menu Price: $9.74

Tennessee – Where Charm Meets Adventure

Experience Tennessee’s vibrant culture and charm on a budget, from unforgettable hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to a visit to historical sites like the Hermitage or Graceland. 

Tennessee also has a vibrant entertainment scene, excellent hotel and motel options, and convenient transportation.

Average Accommodation Cost: $209.85

Average Menu Price: $10.03

Arkansas – An Oasis for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Located in the heart of the South, Arkansas is an ideal destination for outdoor fun and adventure, with its incredible lakes, rivers, and trails providing ample opportunities to kayak or canoe, hike, fish, or even mountain bike. 

Take the chance to soak in the therapeutic waters of Hot Springs National Park, a natural wonder nearly 4,000 years old. Also, discover the magic of Arkansas River Valley’s Ozark Mountains.

Average Accommodation Cost: $150.90

Average Menu Price: $9.47

South Dakota – Step Back in Time and Embrace Nature

South Dakota beckons with open arms to those yearning for a journey through time and a rendezvous with nature. Roam through historic mining towns like Custer and Deadwood, where old-timey saloons and captivating reenactments await. 

Discover the wonders of Black Hills National Forest, Badlands National Park, and Wind Cave National Park, preserving the region’s unique heritage and natural splendor. South Dakota is the perfect summer destination with excellent camping and affordable lodging. 

Average Accommodation Cost: $162.90

Average Menu Price: $10.23

Montana – Where Nature’s Majesty Unfolds

Montana is a state of unparalleled beauty and wonder. Montana offers endless outdoor activities, from its cascading waterfalls to the world-famous Glacier National Park. Explore Flathead Valley’s azure waters and observe Swan River or Whitefish Lake wildlife. 

Hike through Big Sky Country, revel in the stunning landscapes of Bitterroot Valley, or admire the snow-capped peaks of Glacier National Park. And don’t miss visiting the awe-inspiring Lewis and Clark Caverns National Monument for an unforgettable journey through history. 

Average Accommodation Cost: $194.49

Average Menu Price: $10.42

Texas – A Texan Adventure Awaits

Take a road trip to Texas and experience Lone Star State’s unique culture, magnificent state parks, and welcoming cities. Explore the vibrant city of Austin, home to a thriving music and food scene – and enjoy some of the best foods in the country.

Visit Big Bend National Park for stunning views of desert landscapes, canyons, and rivers, or drive through Palo Duro Canyon State Park for breathtaking sights. See a live show at iconic venues like Gruene Hall or Billy Bob’s Texas in the evening.

Average Accommodation Cost: $175.03

Average Menu Price: $10.78

Kansas – Embrace the Great Outdoors and Cultural Heritage

Kansas is a hidden gem nestled in the heartland of America, known for its abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, including scenic lakes, hiking trails, and camping sites.

Discover vibrant local festivals and events that showcase the state’s rich cultural heritage. Moreover, it is a delight to find that accommodation costs in Kansas rank among the most affordable in the country, making it a budget-friendly choice for summer getaways.

Average Accommodation Cost: $127.80

Average Menu Price: $10.04

Choose the place that suits your travel needs and preferences, and plan an adventure today.

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