Minneapolis-based Alight raising money to get food to Lviv in Ukraine

Minneapolis-based Alight has put out a call for donations to help Ukrainians in Lviv.

The non-profit organization, which provides humanitarian assistance to those in need around the world, recently put out a request to raise $14 thousand to send 10 tons of food to Ukrainians in the city.

Alight has already surpassed that goal and is now trying to double it, with the hopes of sending 20 tons of food to Lviv.

“Food shortage is becoming a really critical issue inside Ukraine,” said Alissa Jordan, global activations lead with Alight, in an interview with 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS.

“Some of the foods we would be sending are shelf-stable, [like] canned meat, canned vegetables and soup, cereal, pasta, and then baby food,” Jordan noted.

Alight is also sending medical supplies and volunteers to the Ukraine-Polish border to help the refugees fleeing the conflict.

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