Walz offers condolences in call with Daunte Wright’s mother, calls for protesters to remain peaceful

As many in the state continue to grieve and express frustration following the death of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center on Sunday, Gov. Tim Walz said he spoke briefly to Wright’s mother.

Walz said he spoke to Katie Wright on Wednesday to offer condolences.

"The Wright family expects us to do better, Minnesotans expect us all to do better and I am hopeful, there are things happening that make me believe that’s possible," Walz said at a press conference Thursday.

Walz also called on protesters to express their grief and call for change peacefully, and thanked those who’ve been peaceful.

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At a separate press conference on Thursday, Katie Wright said her family will never get to see Daunte again so there’s no real justice for them. She added, "I do want accountability, 100% accountability."

Former Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kim Potter, who fatally shot Daunte and subsequently resigned, was arrested Wednesday and charged with second-degree manslaughter. Her first court appearance was set for Thursday afternoon.