Percent of positive flu cases rises, RSV cases decline

The percentage of positive flu cases in Minnesota continues to rise, according to the latest flu data released by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Wednesday.

Flu data ending the week of Nov. 19 says that 29.4% of flu-tested cases were positive, up from 24.3% of cases the data week prior.

241 people in the state were hospitalized with the flu last week, down from 275 hospitalizations the week prior. So far, 713 people have been hospitalized with the flu this season in Minnesota. In the 2021-2022 flu season, there were 901 total hospitalizations.

75% of people needing hospital care for the flu last week were located in the metro followed by eight percent in central Minnesota. Overall, 81% of all flu hospitalizations this season have been in the metro.

Four additional people have now died from the flu bringing the total to nine flu deaths.

School flu and flu-like illness outbreaks have continued to rise in the latest data. The newest numbers show 240 new school outbreaks up from 195 the week prior. 564 schools have reported an outbreak so far. A school is considered to have an outbreak when five percent of the total enrollment is absent due to the flu or flu-like illness or if three or more children from one elementary school classroom are absent for flu or flu-like illness.

In some good news for children and parents, MDH is reporting that RSV cases declined in the latest data but still remain high.