Ogilvie man enters guilty plea in murder of 93-year-old grandmother

A 43-year-old man pleaded guilty to murdering his grandmother in Kanabec County Court on Monday.

Dustin Gene Tinklenberg, of Ogilvie, pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree murder in exchange for a recommended sentence of 26 years (312 months) in prison. However, the deal still needs approval.

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On Sept. 13, 2022, deputies from the Kanabec County Sheriff’s Office responded to 1386 Highway 23 in Ogilvie, Minn. on a report of a woman who had been found dead on a couch in her home, according to a criminal complaint.

Officials say the victim was 93-year-old Stella Anderson, Tinklenberg’s grandmother. She died from “obvious homicidal violence.”

Two of Anderson’s great-grandchildren told authorities they’d gone to her home on Monday to get a sign from a camper on the property. At that time, Tinklenberg was standing on the deck, yelling about something. They also noted that Anderson usually peeked out the window when they came over but she didn’t that day.

Anderson’s daughter reported going over to her mother’s home on Tuesday and the home was unusually dark. She initially thought her mother was taking a nap until she bent down and saw her face, then ran outside and called law enforcement, the complaint states. She added that she’d taken her mother and Tinklenberg to a store on Sunday and they all hung out together and seemed fine.

After Tinklenberg was arrested, the complaint states he believed drones were following him around and he was under observation. He also reported that someone performed surgeries on him that scarred his body, although law enforcement noted he didn’t have any scars.

When asked about his grandmother’s death, Tinklenberg said she’d somehow manipulated the bacon he was eating and he “lost it.”

A hatchet sheath was found at the scene, the complaint adds, and one of the great-grandchildren noted that a hatchet that matched the sheath was kept at Anderson’s home. Authorities also noted that Tinklenberg was seen on multiple prior occasions with a hatchet-type weapon, including Monday night.

Tinklenberg is set to be sentenced on Nov. 13.