New Minnesota laws take effect

With the calendar now turned to a new year, Minnesota has some new laws in effect.

Below are some of the changes brought on by new laws that became effective on Sunday. Click here to see the full list.

  • Health plans now have to cover a comprehensive postnatal visit with a health care provider within three weeks from delivery, plus any other postnatal visits recommended by a health care provider between three and 11 weeks from delivery and a comprehensive postnatal visit 12 weeks from delivery.
  • Anyone buying a used vehicle can now more easily find out if the vehicle has been significantly damaged or “totaled” thanks to the updated state salvage title regulations.
  • Business registration renewal deadlines are now the anniversary of the initial registration instead of 120 days after the end of the fiscal year.
  • Insurers have to provide more transparency in annuity sales, meaning they have to have a reasonable basis for an annuity recommendation and have to document it, must disclose their licensing and how they’re compensated for the sale, any conflicts of interest.

One of the new laws — the postnatal care law — was passed by the Minnesota Legislature in 2021 while the rest were approved in 2022.

Minnesota’s 2023 legislative session starts Tuesday.

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