Minnesota sheriffs donate vests, helmets to Ukraine

Sheriffs from across the state are donating supplies to the people of Ukraine.

The Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association and sheriff’s offices across the state are donating more than 650 bulletproof vests, 55 helmets and four shields to help those in Ukraine. The association says the items were collected in just a few days.

The sheriffs’ association says the supplies all have specific expiration dates and care instructions, and have been replaced at the manufacturer’s recommendation. However, they’re still capable of offering protection to the people in Ukraine.

The association added that it has a personal contact connected to Ukraine that is making sure the items are immediately given to those who need them.

“All over our state, Minnesota sheriff’s rose to the occasion once again to help those in need,” Bill Hutton, the executive director of the sheriffs’ association, said in a statement. “As we all watch the terrible images coming out of Ukraine, we are reminded that freedom is never guaranteed. These bulletproof vests, helmets and shields will travel across the globe to protect the people of Ukraine, just as these items protected our deputies all over Minnesota.”