Man killed by Clydesdale in St. Cloud

The St. Cloud Police Department says that just before 2:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon officers and EMS responded to the Municipal Athletic Complex on the report that someone had been injured by a horse.

Officers located a 44-year-old victim that was attending a “special event” located in the parking lot with his horses and carriage to offer rides during the event.

Police say that the victim was walking his horses attached to the carriage when he lost control of the horses.

The victim was run over by a Clydesdale, then the horses continued running away towards a golf course with the victim’s five-year-old child inside the carriage.

Police say the child was unharmed after the carriage stopped due to being stuck on a tree.

A family member was able to secure the horses in their trailer with no additional injuries.

The victim was transported to St. Cloud Hospital via ambulance where he later died of his injuries.