Gov. Walz appoints prosecutor in Chauvin trial as Hennepin County District Court judge

Governor Tim Walz announced Tuesday that he has appointed Matthew Frank as a district court judge in Hennepin County.

Frank, who was a lead prosecutor in both the Derek Chauvin and Kimberly Potter trials, will replace Nicole A. Engisch.

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“It is also my honor to appoint Matthew Frank to the Hennepin County bench,” said Governor Walz. “He will be a remarkable judge who will approach this position with the understanding that justice is a process, not a result.”

Frank is the managing attorney of the Criminal Division at the Office of the Attorney General. He previously worked as an assistant county attorney in the Wright County Attorney’s Office, an assistant public defender in Minnesota’s Tenth Judicial District, an attorney for Taylor Law Firm and a judicial law clerk in Minnesota’s Fourth Judicial District.

He also has a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Juris Doctorate degree from Hamline University of Law.