Federal charges filed against suspect in violent northeast Minneapolis carjacking

A Minneapolis man is now facing federal criminal charges for a violent carjacking earlier this month.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office charged 18-year-old Shamir Nathann Black with carjacking.

Prosecutors say Black approached a woman outside her workplace on June 9, demanded her keys, pushed her to the ground and hit her in the head with a gun.

Authorities say a bystander tried to help the victim but Black also assaulted that person and allegedly aimed the gun at the bystander and pulled the trigger but the gun didn’t fire a bullet.

According to the attorney’s office, Black and his accomplice got into the victim’s vehicle but were pulled out by witnesses. Black and his accomplice were able to run away before police arrived, however.

Responding officers recovered a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol that had been reported stolen out of Prior Lake in April, the attorney’s office says, and a Volkswagen Jetta that was stolen from the same Prior Lake home was later found at Black’s home.

Black was arrested on Friday and made his first court appearance Tuesday.