East Side Bar announces it will permanently close Dec. 23

ESB, East Side Bar announced that it will close permanently after Dec. 23, saying that it will be open regular hours until then.

The bar cited pandemic hardships as a main reason for its closure, saying it just wasn’t able to bring in enough business.

In a Facebook post, the business thanked its staff and customers.

“We want to thank first our incredible staff, who have done great work for every minute of the 2.5 years we’ve been open in very challenging circumstances,” ESB said. “Special thanks to our co-chefs Rafael, Matt, and Spencer, whose efforts have been heroic.”

“We’re also very grateful to our regular customers, who went above and beyond to try to make this work,” the bar continued. “But it just wasn’t to be. The pandemic was a hard time to open and we just weren’t able to bring enough people in the doors.”