Duluth City Council postpones vote on removing 'chief' from job titles

The Duluth City Council decided Monday night to put off a vote on removing "chief" from job titles.

Council members decided to address the matter at another future meeting after the issue met resistance from community members, WDIO-TV reports.

City of Duluth Public Information Officer Kate Van Daele told WDIO that the change would only affect Chief Administrative Officer Noah Schuchman's title, becoming city administrator instead.

The change must be approved by the council unanimously because of how the position is listed in the city charter, Van Daele told WDIO.

Currently, city officials are having conversations about whether to change the titles of Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken and Duluth Fire Chief Shawn Krizaj, but Van Daele told WDIO that, right now, there aren't any plans to change them.