Brooklyn Park police clear fans from homecoming football game after teens become ‘unruly’, game allowed to continue

All spectators were cleared from the Park Center Stadium during the homecoming football game Friday night by Brooklyn Park police officers, school staff and community outreach members, according to the police department.

Brooklyn Park police said in a news release that around 7 p.m. more officers were called in to help others already working the event. Police were concerned about large groups of unruly teens and reports that some of them could be in possession of a firearm.

Responding patrol officers reportedly found groups in the stands becoming unruly and saw people arguing. Police were also advised that some people who were denied access were climbing the fence in an attempt to get into the stadium.

Hennepin County deputies then responded to Brooklyn Park police requests for mutual aid.

All spectators were then “safely and effectively” escorted out of the stadium, according to the news release.

The homecoming football game was allowed to continue.

Police then stood by in the parking lot until the event was cleared.

No firearms were found, and no injuries were reported.