Broken Clock Brewing Co. in Minneapolis to prolong outdoor seating with heated igloos

Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative, a brewery located in northeast Minneapolis, announced Tuesday they will prolong their outdoor seating with the installment of heated igloos to their patios.

The business said three heated igloos will be added to encourage patrons to come out who are not yet comfortable sitting inside.

The igloos will be available for reserved groups of up to eight people starting in November. Each igloo will have its own theme and will be equipped with an electric heater. The themes include "A Day at the Beach," "Retro," and "Camping."

"These igloos will be a great alternative to people who are not comfortable sitting inside just yet," says Jeremy Mathison, founder of Broken Clock. "Plus, who wouldn’t want to hang out and drink beer in their own personal fort!?"

The brewery says there will be a $20 per hour fee and each igloo will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each reservation.

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