After 2 years of virtual performances, Minneapolis’ Fearless Comedy Fest is back in person

After two years of virtual productions, the Fearless Comedy Fest is back with their spring fundraiser at the Phoenix Theater in Minneapolis. It’s an annual event that’s meant to raise money for Fearless Comedy Productions, a group of artists that perform across the metro. 

For 14 hours straight, local comics will perform their acts with a mix of stand-up, improv and other audience-engaging acts. 

“It’s really just a celebration of trying to be funny and supporting other comedic artists,”Jason Kruger, Artistic Director of Fearless Comedy Productions said. 

For the last two years, the annual spring fundraiser has been moved online. Comics have had to perform their acts over zoom, without the reward of what they crave most, laughter. 

“There is nothing that has a greater, personal, visceral impact to somebody who is a funny performer, any kind of comedian than a live laugh” Kruger said, “it’s that immediate connection you have with the audience and with everybody else when you know that what you do is working.”

But this year, the laughs are back and so is the opportunity for artists to make some money. All proceeds from the festival will go back the Fearless Comedy Production to help pay artists and to continue producing other shows throughout the year.  

“Making sure that the people who perform for us get something because a lot times as a performer you are just doing things for exposure and if we can give you the exposure and also a little on top of that, I think that’s really important,” Kruger said. 

Performances last all day long from 10 a.m. until midnight. There is no fee to attend, but organizers are asking for donations for artists.