‘A Kids Play About Racism’ to premier this weekend

More than 40 theaters across the country are performing a new production about race. That includes the Children’s Theater Company in Minneapolis.

The play is called "A Kids Play About Racism."

The play aims to offer kids and families a way to talk about race in a meaningful way.

"I am grateful, I’m so grateful," adapter and director Khalia Davis said. "I feel really blessed this is an opportunity where I can use my art for activism."

The play is based on a book about a 10-year-old boy, and the emotions he goes through growing up with a white mother and a black father.

"This is specifically is the story of a black child with brown skin, as opposed to other ethnicities who also have brown skin who may not be suffering from the same intense racism that our black brothers and sisters are going through right now," Davis shares.

She says the play speaks to what is happening now and hopes to instill responsibility to be better than we were before.

"We may not know the answers right now, but we all know that we need to be better and we need to do better and to do that we need to raise up the next generation of good humans, and it starts by naming what the problem is," Davis said.

"We often neglect the fact that young people are watching, young people see and hear everything that is going on and I think that if we give them an outlet like this, they will be able to also participate as well," she added.

It will premier all weekend, streaming on Broadway on Demand.

"I am hopeful that this creates even more accessibility for communities across the nation, especially those communities that may not have theater as an option for them, but they are now able to have a theatrical experience in their home," Davis said.