4 Line 3 protesters arrested for trespassing, public nuisance on Enbridge site north of Park Rapids

Four people were arrested Wednesday morning for trespassing on Enbridge property and protesting the Line 3 pipeline.

The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office said it received a trespassing complaint on the property off of 300th Street, about 15 miles north of Park Rapids, at 9:34 a.m. There, authorities found about 20 people inside a fenced in property site.

According to the sheriff’s office, some protesters appeared to be tampering with heavy equipment and many were holding anti-Line 3 flags and banners. Deputies gave them an order to vacate and all but two people left. The sheriff’s office said the remaining two people chained themselves to a piece of heavy equipment and refused to leave.

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They were freed from the equipment by law enforcement and then arrested for trespassing and obstructing the legal process. The sheriff’s office identified them as 24-year old Mira Grinsfelder, of Minneapolis, and 20-year old Elizabeth Foy, of St Paul.

The others who left the property then moved to the middle of a roadway where they continued to protest. The sheriff’s office again notified them that they’d have to move because blocking a public roadway is illegal but the group remained.

Officers then took two people into custody and the rest of the group quickly left. The two arrested were identified as 27-year old Shawn Etsitty, of Mentmore, N.M. and 24-year old Andrew Miles, of Minneapolis.