2022 Winter Carnival royal family crowned

Friday night the 2022 St. Paul Winter Carnival royal family was crowned following a two-year reign by the 2020 royal family due to the pandemic.

William “Billy” Given is the 85th King Boreas and Effie Barnes is Aurora, Queen of the Snows.

Given resides in Stillwater with his family but was born and raised in St. Paul. He’s retired but used to be the CEO of Prom Catering.

Barnes grew up in Farmington but now lives in St. Paul. She graduated from Hamline in 2016 with a degree in creative writing and is working on her first novel.

The full 2022 royal family is as follows:

  • King Boreas LXXXIV – Billy Given
  • Aurora, Queen of Snow – Effie Barnes
  • Prime Minister – Christine Arme
  • Titan, Prince of the North Wind  – Jeff Thron
  • North Wind Princess – Kylie Johnson
  • Euros, Prince of the East Wind – Dan Kaldun
  • East Wind Princess – Keyah Adams
  • Zephyrus, Prince of the West Wind – Dave Gagnon
  • West Wind Princess – Shannon Baier
  • Notos, Prince of the South Wind – Joey Clark
  • South Wind Princess – Cathryn Heimerdinger
  • Captain of the Guard – Brenda Hocum
  • Sergeant of the Guard – Erin Caroline
  • King’s Guard – Erin Lunzer, Emma Flood, Joe Philipsen, Dave Persing
  • Royal Coordinator – John and Barb Maslowski
  • Klondike Kate – Tina Hacker