$140K settlement approved in Rock County roadside cavity search case

A judge has approved a settlement agreement in the case of a roadside cavity search conducted by two Rock County deputies in 2018.

The ACLU-MN says the settlement includes $140,000 for the victim of the search, Kelli Jo Torres, and reforms such as updated policies and training for proper dashcam usage and body searches, supervisory review of stops and arrests, a revised complaint process and clearer definitions for searches.

Torres and the ACLU said after deputies stopped the vehicle she was in for a dangling air freshener, the deputy searched the driver and then tried to perform a cavity search on Torres for more than 30 minutes while it was 9 degrees outside.

"I felt very violated by the whole situation," Torres said. "I repeatedly asked them to do the right thing. I hope this settlement sends a message to law enforcement everywhere that public strip searches are not OK, and they can’t treat anyone like this."