Various learning models in place as Minnesota students head back to school

Thousands of Minnesota students are heading back to school Tuesday.

What that looks like—whether it’s distance learning, in-person learning, or a hybrid—all depends on what each district decided.

Here’s how each school district in the metro is holding classes this fall

As one example, staff will be welcoming students back into the classroom for in-person learning in Wyoming, Minnesota. It will also be one of many stops for Gov. Tim Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan.

Not only will they be greeting students, but they will also check in to see how the staff is feeling as the state starts this new year.

It’s been a tough decision for districts, teachers and families on how to handle education this fall.

Walz and state health leaders gave guidance but ultimately left the decision up to each individual district.

Walz to leave decision on upcoming school year to school districts, with guidance from state officials

So districts across the state all look very different.

For example, Forest Lake school district students who are in kindergarten through sixth grade will be all in-person.

Those in seventh through 12th grades have a hybrid model to start the year.

Tuesday, Walz will also be making some visits virtually, one being the Bloomington school district, which made the decision a few weeks ago to have all learning online.

These districts are including how well their community is handling COVID-19 into these decisions.

MAP: Data for K-12 schools by COVID-19 case rate

Bloomington school district officials said, after weighing family and staff preference while ensuring the best learning experience, a hybrid model was out of the question.

On top of the governor’s visit to Bloomington around 9 a.m., he and his team will make virtual and in-person visits in Duluth, Moorhead, St. Paul and his hometown of Mankato, where he taught until becoming a congressman.