St. Paul mayor signs order requiring face masks starting Monday, another to help support businesses

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter on Wednesday announced two new executive orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic, including one requiring face masks to be worn starting Monday and another to help businesses.

That order, Executive Order 2020-09, will require face masks to be worn indoors in all city-controlled facilities and at all businesses licensed in the city at all times when social distancing of at least 6 feet isn’t maintained.

It will apply to all people except young children at risk of suffocation and those who can’t medically tolerate wearing a face covering.

Acceptable face coverings will include both manufactured and homemade masks, but the covering must fully cover each person’s nose and mouth.

The order comes after Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey signed a similar measure that went into effect Tuesday.

Minneapolis regulation requiring masks inside ‘places of public accommodation’ begins

Executive Order 2020-10 includes measures to help businesses like bars and restaurants maximize their ability to leverage surrounding spaces for outdoor seating.

The measures include:

  • The suspension of some off-street parking requirements for licensed bars and restaurants,
  • Expediting the sidewalk cafe license application process,
  • Expediting the approval of plans for using parking areas for patio or sale space,
  • Expediting the review and approval of temporary road closures and use of parking space for patio or sale space.

More detailed guidance for businesses is expected to be released Friday, according to the city.