5 EYEWITNESS NEWS is launching a project called:

"Conversations about Racism and the Road to Equality."

It's a series designed to inform, illuminate and inspire. The goal is to allow Minnesotans the opportunity to better understand issues of racism and how we can all work together to move forward.

Brandi Powell's discussions with people across Minnesota will be candid and will include a wide variety of voices. The project will bring a new dimension, feel and humanity to the issues people are grappling with right now.

This segment will air during 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS Nightcast and will be available here on KSTP.com

Brandi Powell
Josh Cobb
Conversations About Racism and the Road to Equality: 'The Talk'

From left: Ahlaam Abdulwali, Lena Pak and Jinhyoung Bang.


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Featured experts

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Rebecca S. Bigler

Emeritx Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas-Austin

Rebecca S. Bigler is Emeritx Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin.

Ze studies the causes and consequences of social stereotyping and prejudice among children, with a particular focus on gender and racial attitudes.


Rose M. Brewer, Ph.D.

The Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor

  • Author: "The Color of Wealth"
  • Co-edited: "The U.S. Social Forum: Perspectives of a Movement"
  • Co-edited: "Bridges of Power: Women's Multicultural Alliances"
  • Co-edited: "Is Academic Feminism Dead?: Theory in Practice"
  • Co-edited: "Rod Bush: Lessons from a Radical Black Scholar on Liberation, Love and Justice"


Kathlene Holmes Campbell, Ph.D.

University of St. Thomas Dean of Education

Kathlene Holmes Campbell, Ph.D. is the Dean of Education at the University of St. Thomas where she oversees the departments of educational leadership, special education, and teacher education as well as the charter school authorizing unit.


Keith A. Mayes, Ph.D.

Associate Professor at the U of M, Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor

  • Currently writing: "The Unteachables: Civil Rights, Disability Rights and the Politics of Black Special Education"
  • Author: "Kwanzaa: Black Power and the Making of the African American Holiday Tradition"


Peter Rachleff, Ph.D.

Co-Executive Director of the Ease Side Freedom Library


Yohuru Williams, Ph.D.

Distinguished University Chair, University of St. Thomas

  • Author: "Black Politics/White Power: Civil Rights Black Power and Black Panthers in New Haven"
  • Author: "Rethinking the Black Freedom Movement"
  • Author: "Teaching beyond the Textbook: Six Investigative Strategies"
  • Writing: "In the Shadow of the Whipping Post: Lynching, Capital Punishment, and Jim Crow Justice in Delaware 1865-1965"


Essential publications recommended by various experts and subjects used in "Conversations about Racism and the Road to Equality" to gain deeper understanding about topics discussed in this series.