Why AP called North Carolina Senate race for Ted Budd


Republican U.S. Rep. Ted Budd lagged in early North Carolina vote counts but caught up to Democrat Cheri Beasley when totals from Election Day itself were tallied. That led The Associated Press to call the Senate race for Budd late Tuesday.

Beasley would have needed more than three-quarters of outstanding votes to catch up to Budd, a threshold she didn’t reach in early totals.

Beasley served as chief justice of North Carolina’s Supreme Court, would have been the state’s first Black senator and had been the contest’s top fundraiser. But outside groups in the closing weeks pumped cash into the race, particularly on Budd’s behalf.

While Budd embraced the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, Beasley didn’t campaign with high-profile endorsers like President Joe Biden or former President Barack Obama.

Some saw that move as national Democrats’ concession that the contest might not be as winnable as other close races.


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