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7 Day Forecast 7 Day Forecast

At least 2 inches of rain fell over a large part of eastern and southern Minnesota late last night.  Even more rain fell in the soaked area of east-central Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin.  As much as 4 to 6 inches fell there causing some significant flooding in that area.  We’re going to get a couple days to dry out before the next round of storms roll in.  The upper level pattern seems to be favoring above average temperatures with highs reaching into the low 80s again tomorrow afternoon.  It continues to warm as we head through the week with highs in the mid 80s Wednesday through the end of the week.  Showers and thunderstorms will accompany the warmer and more humid air starting late Wednesday.
The Outlook
Even though a few of the storms later this week could be strong, the main threat will again be heavy rain.  Since the ground is pretty saturated, any additional heavy rain isn’t needed at this point.  The jet stream is expected to lift northward into southern Canada, which means lighter winds aloft for us.  Unfortunately that’s a pretty good setup for slow moving, heavy rain producing thunderstorms.  The most likely time for that seems to be targeting Thursday and Friday.  We’ll keep a close eye on that as it develops and of course check back for updates as we go through the week.
The Winds
The winds should be southwesterly at 5-10 mph tonight and southwesterly at 5-10 mph on Tuesday.

The Almanac
Yesterday's high 87
Average high 82
Average low 63
Precipitation Sunday .54"
Precipitation for the month .70" (-.63)
Precipitation for the year 21.22 (+2.02)
Snow for the season  0.0”

The Records for Tuesday
Record High 97 1947
Record Low 47 2004
Sunrise & Sunset
6:11 AM & 8:24 PM

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