Truth Test: Ad Attacking Nolan Misses Mark

November 03, 2016 02:01 PM

A television ad by Republican Stewart Mills comes close to earning an "A" on the "Truth Test," but one major misleading claim causes the grade to slide significantly.

The ad says "Rick Nolan supports bringing 100,000 unvetted Syrians to America before the end of the year."

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This claim is partially true, but very misleading. Congressman Nolan did sign a letter along with several other members of Congress asking President Obama to allow up to 100,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. by the end of 2016. However, it is false to say Nolan wants to allow "unvetted Syrians" into the country.

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In fact, Nolan is even quoted in an article cited in the ad as saying the U.S. has to "make sure we have a good vetting process in place." 

It also notes that Nolan voted in favor of the "SAFE Act," a bill to tighten the vetting process. The bill didn't pass, but it would have required both the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI to conduct background checks and lengthen the amount of time the reviews would have to be conducted.

The ad also claims, "Nolan voted for Hillary Clinton's Iran-Nuclear deal that gave over $100 billion to the leading sponsor of terrorism."

This is mostly true, but a bit misleading in one respect. Democratic presidential candidate Clinton says she supports the Iran Nuclear deal, but it was negotiated by the Obama administration after she left her post as secretary of state. In terms of the deal itself, Nolan favors the Iran nuclear deal. It put restrictions on Iran's ability to develop nuclear weapons, but it also allowed Iran to access $100 billion in assets that had been frozen as part of economic sanctions imposed by several nations, including the United States.

It's also true that Iran remains on the list of "state sponsors of terrorism" compiled by the U.S. State Department.

Most of what this ad says is true, but the very misleading statement that Nolan wants Syrian refugees to come into this country with no vetting process brings the grade for this ad to a C-minus on the "Truth Test."

You can read the articles cited in this story here.


Tom Hauser

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