Lake Minnetonka Out from Under High Water Declarations

Updated: 08/05/2014 6:02 AM
Created: 08/04/2014 1:10 PM
By: Megan Stewart

Boaters can rejoice; the "High Water Declaration" on Lake Minnetonka has been terminated.

Boaters and homeowners along the lake's shore have been dealing with high water levels since the start of the season. The "High Water Declaration" was enacted May 13, as Minnesota was experiencing a wet spring. 

The ordinance established a slow-no wake zone 600 feet from docks and shore and designated certain days for the lake to be completely wake-free.

As more rains came and water levels rose, officials then opted to enact a one-time "Emergency High Water Declaration" on top of the traditional ordinance. It was terminated on July 24.

Traditional "High Water Declarations" are enacted from time to time on the lake. Monday's announcement of the lifted ordinance means boating can go back to normal.

What this means for boaters:

  • 40 miles per hour in the daytime
  • 20 miles per hour after dusk
  • Slow-no wake 150 feet from docks and shoreline
  • No total slow-no wake days

For more information from the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District, look here.

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